Wedding Photography

Keith Sullivan has been taking photos since he got his hands on a camera - many years ago.

Based near Cork, Keith travels the length and breadth of Ireland to preserve your wedding day.

Keith believes that everyone is different and your wedding photos should show your personality.


In Ireland we are blessed with beautiful coastlines and rolling hills that act a great backdrops for your special day.

Having an eye for the composition of your photos is something that only comes from experience, skill, and practice.

Contact me and let's have a chat about locations.

From stormy skies, to red caravans, I can usually find great locations right where you are.

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Wedding Locations

These are some of the great locations around Ireland where I have worked.


Your Day


The Morning

I can be there first thing in the morning to create a timeline for your whole day.


The Ceremony

You will want great photos of your wedding ceremony.


Marriage Photos

Directly after your ceremony, we will start with the photographs of you and your guests.


The Celebration

Some of the best shots can come from your evening celebration when everyone is relaxed.